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Cube AllGround Espresso Grinder


Cube AllGround grinder and Cube Espresso Machine made for each other



Espresso Grinders 

All coffee lovers know it: from the bean to the cup, everything can change if you have a good grinder. This is why we offer a comprehensive line of grinders that match your coffee-making skills and help you in your daily work.

Many options, and each single one of them ideal to match with a Sanremo machine; the solution to have all the best tools to ask the most from your coffee. Outstanding performance ensured by accurately manufactured burrs to make the most of coffee grinding, consistently.


Technical data

Power: w 250

Burrs: Flat with titanium coating

Burrs diameter: 2" 2/4 inch

Motor Speed: 50hz  1400

Motor speed: 60hz 1600

Coffee Beans Hopper capacity 0.55lb

Weight: 20lb

Width: 6" 3/4 x Height 17" 1/4 Dept 9" 2/4" inch





Cube AllGround Grinder

Color Options:
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