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NEW Spaceman 6695-C 2 Bowl Countertop Stainless Steel Frozen Drink Machine 


Serve up a refreshing cold treat to your guests with this Spaceman 6695-C two flavor countertop frozen drink machine.

Perfect for slushies or frozen cocktails, self-service or behind-the-bar applications, this frozen drink machine is the perfect way to add variety to your drink menu and boost sales! With its refrigerated mix hoppers and adjustable viscosity control this unit ensures high performance, easy operation, and above all, a great-tasting finished product.


Two-Flavor Dispensing

This frozen beverage machine can be used to serve 2 different flavors, giving you the ability to choose variety or extra capacity for that crowd-favorite drink special! It is capable of producing up to 320 serves per hour.


Convenient Standby Mode

When you close for the day, this machine stays busy maintaining the product temperature inside the hopper and freezer cylinder at below 40 degrees Fahrenheit, keeping contents at a safe temperature.


Dairy and Alcohol-Safe Design

This unit's two 7.3 qt. freezing cylinders and 12.7 qt. mix hoppers can be used with dairy and non-dairy products. The refrigerated mix hoppers keep your frozen beverage mixes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit until they are pumped into the freezing cylinders, and the low temperature system is rated for use with mixed alcoholic beverages. Fully adjustable, automatic viscosity control allows you to set the desired thickness for each of your products, and the hopper agitator design ensures consistent product quality and dispensing.


Built-In Safety Features

Light-up "Add Mix" and "Mix Out" signals help you to keep track of product levels so you don't run out during busy hours! To prevent damage to the motor, your machine will also turn off when the "Mix Out" light comes on. If it detects low temperatures or motor overload, the machine shuts off, and it features a high pressure switch that can prevent the compressor from overheating during a busy day.


Plug and Play Setup

A minimum clearance of 6" on both sides of the machine is required. A 208/230V single phase electrical connection is required for operation, and it comes with a cord and plug for plug-and-play setup right out of the box. It comes with casters to make it easy to roll this unit away from the wall for cleaning and maintenance


Engineered for Performance

Precision engineering and extra care taken in the welds and junctions, particularly in the hopper area, ensure that you’re getting a product that will last. This model also uses aerospace style fasteners which allow easier access during preventive maintenance, saving you money and time on service.




Spaceman 6695-C 2 Bowl Countertop Stainless Steel Frozen Drink

  • Spec Sheet

  • 6695-C Manual 

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