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The fact that its frame and shell coincide makes Zoe a unique and incredibly sturdy machine among those of its kind. Moreover, the addition of a range of bright colours to choose from makes it extremely versatile.

With its versatility and compact size, Zoe can easily be fitted into any environment, standing out with its unique character and original features, those that you will choose.



Electronic Auto-Level

Through an electronic level probe the boiler is aoutomatically field and maintained to the right filling level.

Activated Electronic Pre-Infusion.

Management of the delayed activation of water solenoid in the first phase of brewing.


Steam wand characterized by an electronic system that allows to mount and/or heat milk at the set temperature.

Cup Warmer

Dedicate resistor to keep all the cups at the option temperature.


Compact Vercion

2 Group

2 Steam Taps

1 Water tap

1 one-cup filter holder

2 two-cup filter holders


Techical Data

Voltage: 110V

Max input boiler: 2.5

Steam boiler capacity: 7

Pump power: 0.15

Net weight: 99lb

Dimensions: 20 3/4″W x 24″D x 21 1/3″H. 



Zoe Compact

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